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Gibberish is the preferred language of the Jibs and Jabs, not to mention the Jib Jabs.

An example of a Gibberish quote would be:

Zingo an gamma belble appalme ujuyta popopgongon.

This is roughly translated as "Zingo an gamma belble appalme ujuyta popopgongon", or "apple juice". As one can see, it is a very complicated yet at the same time simple language: anyone can speak it though nobody but the speaker can understand it. However, particular words have become common amongst the world Gibberish lexicon:

GIGIGIG. Also, I must enquire your ultimate hagus to the cat staring at me with the shovel in it's nose, then the sky will fall on my face and explode because all egianses will fly, and egianses must explode because egianses agin elgi.

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