Ha ha! Success!

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Soon, my plan for world domination will be complete. All capitalist nations shall fall and I, Robert Mugabe, will hold all the aces. Check my awesome farm! From there, I shall produce 99% of the world's milk and thousands of eggs and stuff! Ooh-arr.

See that house there? That used to be my office... until that blasted BBC came to town. Evil barstewards, I ought to hang them all! But first, it's time for pancakes. Mmm, edible!

“Er, sir, you're still on camera.”

~ Smithers

Quiet, I'm gloating. Where was I? Oh yes, world domination. You shall be under my power when I take over the world's banks, one by one. "How do I do this?", you may ask. Well, it's very simple: I employ Ronnie Biggs to steal all the cash then give it to me! Ingenious, eh?

“We're out of tape.”

~ Smithers

Well, they get the general idea.