Ha ha! Success!

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Soon, my plan for world domination will be complete. All capitalist nations shall fall and I, Robert Mugabye, will hold all the aces. Check my awesome farm! From there, I shall produce 99% of the world's milk and thousands of eggs and stuff! Ooh-arr.

See that house there? That used to be my office... until that blasted BBC came to town. Evil barstewards, I ought to hang them all! But first, it's time for pancakes. Mmm, edible!

“Er, sir, you're still on camera.”

~ Smithers

Quiet, I'm gloating. Where was I? Oh yes, world domination. You shall be under my power when I take over the world's banks, one by one. "How do I do this?", you may ask. Well, it's very simple: I employ Ronnie Biggs to steal all the cash then give it to me! Ingenious, eh?

“We're out of tape.”

~ Smithers

Well, they get the general idea.

And I will plant brainwashing messages right in the cutest most girlyiest shows ever dever telling them to become basement dwellers going to cons like BronyCon to spread the brainwashing massage further and further! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Evillll laugher going on! Zap! Clunk! Dance to the burp beat!