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This article is illogical enough to have made it onto the front page in 2017.
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Haiku are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense
Did you know that our 
whole haiku article is 
written in haiku?
You won't believe this
Best web site ever
What is a haiku?
Do you know what it could be?
I certainly don't!
Five syllables first
Then seven more in this line
Then five once again
Oh OK I see!
That looks very, very cool
I will try some too
This is a haiku
This page has been vandalised
By Willy on Wheels
Hey, another one
This page has been vandalised
By Willy on Wheels on Wheels
Hey, that's not haiku
I know it surely isn't
Seven in the end 
Yur yur yur yur yur,
Fee feed feed fed fiu fiu fil,
Ming ming ming ming ming
See they are so nice
I could make these poems up
Forever and then
What are you saying?
I notice we are talking
Only in haiku
Well that is the point
Of this incredible page
Show what is haiku
All right then I see
Just you will please take some care
I will tell you why
This person has reached
A higher level now that
It can read our thoughts
Who is this person?
By any chance Sophia
No it's me, you fool
Don't call me a fool
Like Uncyclopedia
Poor old Uncle Pete
No I will you know
Because it is the plain truth
You are stupid, see
This is getting weird
Really I can tell you
I can read your thoughts
Oh you can can you?
That is very noticeable
Nonsense poems sing
Sing for people so nicely
I'm a user here

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