Libertarianism is the philosophy of the "libertarians", a species of creepy spiders living under rocks in Antarctistralia. It calls for a free market economy, since the expensive market economy failed from lack of nitrogen, more freedom, and less government, since more government would cost more blood from cubs and we would die from lack of peanut butter. Willy Wonka, a big fat hairy spider is said to be the founding father of libertarianism.

History of Libertarianism

Wonka wanted some new shoes for his 3344th birthday, thus he created some new philosophy to get it, though he never got it and he then got it but he didn't get it. However, Wonka created it and now it's here, and there's nothing we can do about it.

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Libertarianism Today

It is a widespread religion, er, I mean, philosophy that is popular in iMerica, Antarctistralia, John Cenaland, Neverland Ranch, and Meland. Some say this cult philosophy is popular among Pokemon, and Bulbasaur is the President of it.

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Some Libertarians

Propose that involuntary commitments should be eliminated and that all drugs should be legalized.

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