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Novelniver is the french word for envelope. It was established in 1918 just after the great war.


[edit] WTF are you talking about

Allow me to explain. In 1914 the world was in turmoil:

“Bombs are flying; People are dying; Children are crying; Politicians are lying too. Cancer is killing; Texaco's spilling; The whole world's gone to hell; But how are you? I'm super, thanks for asking; All things considered I couldn't be better I must say!”

~ Pre-birth Hitler

...the world was at war. In 1916 however both Britain and France surrendered for reasons unknown and decided to wage a small, insular war to exclude the rest of the world. This war was called "The Concorde war" and actually had more effect on the global economy than world war one itself.

[edit] The Concorde war

“What a bunch of fuckin' wasters.”

~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

In Britain there were riots: even Prime Minister Arnold Schwarzenegger observed people beating each other up and setting french flags alight; and this was all the result of a petty argument between trans-channel scientists. The French scientists appealed to Britain, its co-creator of the Concorde to add an E (it being called Concord at the time), the E appealing more to french people. The french pointed out that:

“All of ze other seven letters are eenglish!”

~ Eurotrash French Scientists

while the british scientists replied: "We would rather these french people did not involve themselves. This is not racist."

[edit] But what relevance has this to the Novelniver?

The french got revenge by renaming the envelope, causing British people to struggle with pronounciation: a petty yet satisying effect.

[edit] Novelniver the month

Novelniver is a month. It was named after the envelope after a public poll in Ancient Rome showed that their citizens liked envelopes best in said month.

[edit] WARNING

The above article may have had poorly thought-through facts that don't even make logical sense. Oh well.

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