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Random is a thing-esque object that PHILANTHROPIC is sort of like a thing, with various thingy qualities such as "bad" "good" and "sort of okay". There are many things that are emphathise random, you not being one of them. i.e. Random? You Amn't. Aren't. C'ldntbe. BcsuIsyaos! WOOP!

Anyway, he hee me mop! Look above for what you have already read.


Random can be found in following coordinates:

  • (1234,4311,5314)
  • (7420,3452,9453)
  • (QW,42,--)
  • (x,x,x)
  • Your mother-in-law's sponge cake
  • something7259
  • (7365,9426,6253,+54q)
  • R3
  • R4
  • (-infinity,1,2)
  • eternity+e^64
  • END!!!
  • E(x,12,035)
  • ----
  • (5,+2infinity,cos(y))
  • "so on..."-24i
  • XYZ

Things that are random[edit]

random disaster of virii and tomatoes spawned by white boys nickelizing igneous protrusions

  • nicolas hartman.
  • Your mom
  • Scientology
  • Exploding mangoes
  • Krakatowa
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  • A cake infinity big and small at the same time!
  • Putting on a ballerina tutu, riding a with a pink bicycle on the North Korean pyramids of pie, Shouting "WHOOPY! YAAAAAAAAY! LAHLAHWHOOPYYAHOO ZABBA DABBA DOO!!!!"

Please note: Anything below this is not random.


Failed to parse (Missing <code>texvc</code> executable. Please see math/README to configure.): F=Gm/(E=m/c^{2}+1)r^{2}

Other things that are random[edit]

Randomness at its best, or elated (reload, or churn): Pyrex elated sadly churn needles churn Keep reloading, and you might just get, (or churn), Homicidal_screaming_carrots

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