Scarf juggling

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Have you mastered juggling bowling balls, watermelons, and fire itself? Are you ready for a new challenge? Are you ready for
Juggling. ?

Scarf juggling is like juggling the feelings of a bunch of elementary students who haven't gotten enough physical activity.

Scarf juggling is seen as a more diffcult form of juggling by those pessimistic enough to say "difficult" instead of "challenging" because of the high surface area-to-volume ratio of scarves. In most cases, this causes air resistance to overpower centripetal gravitation. To facilitate the activity, differential airflow chambers have been constructed in elementary schools, funded by propositional tax increases.

Experiments on the International Space Station are being planned to determine the feasibility of scarf juggling at greater surface gravity. If results are favorable, regular scarf juggling expeditions to Jupiter will be carried out, contingent on continued shortwave broadcasts.