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Spoonleaf Correctional School, aka Ysgol Deilenllwy, is a boarding school of doom located somewhere in Wengland. Despite the name, it is not actually "correctional" in any way. Rather, its purpose is to give students something to whine about so they won't be like those rebellious kids who rebel just to be cool. Furthermore, it attempts to instill anachronistic strawman values because the staff are addicted to crazy pills and have become convinced that nineteenth-century Britain was a really sexy place.

Spoonleaf was originally a school for autistic children, which is why there are no windows. Instead of windows there are screens on the walls showing canned footage of the outdoors. This is of assistance in controlling the students' environment for maximum angst potential and the fun of messing with their heads to make them think it isn't raining before they go outside and find out that it actually is, just like it does 99.9999% of the time there. It also turned out to be cheaper than installing real windows, since the exterior is made of unobtainium and is very difficult to cut holes in.

Sometimes the cats try to escape.

The basement of Spoonleaf houses a laboratory where experiments on animals, mainly cats, are performed. These experiments violate several international and extraterrestrial laws, as well as serving no discernible purpose, so the lab is kept secret by wiping the memory of outsiders who learn too much about it. Sometimes students are brought down into the basement to assist with experiments or be experimented on themselves; they are, naturally, left with no memory of these events save the "electric stairs" leading to the basement, which everyone is sure to be careful of because the school uniform includes conducting shoes. Said stairs were installed with the aim of teaching test subjects to avoid particular steps.

The headmaster, Mr. Picketfence, is in charge of both the school and the lab. He sometimes punishes students by sending them to the lab and making them work with the more aggressive cats who are liable to attack them, possibly resulting in infection with faux science-fiction diseases that make them sprout tentacles and develop a thirst for midichlorians. He attempted to do this to Ffion Llywelyn, a particularly unlikable nuisance who managed to be too melodramatic even for Spoonleaf, but she somehow escaped from the basement with her memories intact and went on to write about the dreadful whine-inducing experience in her nonexistent autobiography. She is speculated to have accomplished this by violating conservation of momentum.