Things Girls Do When They're Bored

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It's a well known fact that girls are weird.

They do weird things all the time, especially when bored.

Here are just some of the weird things weird girls do when weirdly bored.

Nail Painting[edit]

An example of the horrific results of nail-painting

Girls like to paint their nails when bored. If nail polish isn't available, they will use any random household object they can find, such as a Sharpie, food colouring, Bic pens, poop, ketchup, or something worse.

Such painting can end up in very weird-looking nails, but if you don't say that they look adorable, you will be yelled at.


Sometimes, bored girls tend to cook. When they cook out of boredom, it ends up tasting like vomit. They cook disastrous meals like humus, twinkies, and cake. And we all know that the cake is a lie.

Editing Illogicopedia[edit]

The weirdest and most awful thing girls do when bored, is writing on Illogicopedia. They can spend hours giggling at articles, making small changes, and even writing articles about weird things girls do when they're bored!

It's insanity.

I'm Begging You[edit]

Please, guys, give your girl enough entertainment that she won't get bored!!!1111!!!1oneeleven!!!1! These are such in true things to do when your bored so do not do any of these things or believe in them