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Wikinet is a wiki edited by retarders and nerds who try to write an encyclopedia about the internet, with a humor not a little funny.


It was founded by a guy named Mgs, who was fucked and edited the Desciclopedia, but then he tired of editing other wikis and decided to found his own wiki, he wanted a cheap server, because he was a kid and did not bankroll his money, he asked. To his parents, if they could give him money to pay for it, and the parents denied it, he, disappointed, went to the computer and spent one day trying to convince the owner of the Uncyclomedia Foundation servers to let him create a wiki on the server, Carlb (the owner ...) accepted and he created Wikinet.


Wikinet is a bit busy, being edited only by Mgs, his friend Chtulhu.fhtagn, NN_Kelvin and an IP that only edits an article that talks about his enemy.