An article whose existence is only justified because it brings the current article count up to 6,740

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Che is down with even numbers.

This article, whose existence... oh, yeah, you read the title already. So, anything else is gravy. Basically, we can plop any old thing here, and we can't be called on it. It's true!

Since we're all here, why don't y'all have a seat, make yourselves comfortable. We have an assortment of liqueurs, teas, coffees, purple kush, water (7 brands), cakes and beers.

First, there is no such thing as a real Spiderman. If you see a Spiderman, do not panic, but proceed to the nearest dispensary, where you will be given a prophylactic dose of anti-psychotics and Dramamine. Giant insects will tend to your physical needs, and chaplains are available during the dark night of the soul. Actuarial tables will be disregarded for the purposes of this conversation.