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Righto, simply put the people you would like to see raped here and i'll rate them like the arrogant cunt I am. For example, the lead singer of Muse, my favourite victim (shut the fuck up T3 and RMS) would be a 10, while the lead singer of Pet Shop Boys would be a 1. This is basically a hit-list, but in a jokey way which you can tell yourself is sort of okay.

All calls to rape helpline are strictly prohibited.

Rape List[edit]


  • Your Mother
  • Your Other Mother
  • Your Actual Mother
  • The Queen Mother
  • Your Mother from another Brother
  • Big Brother
  • Your Mothers' Lover
  • Your Mothers' Lovers' real Lover
  • Your Mothers' Lovers' real Lover's Mother
  • Jimmy Savile

Add names here[edit]

  • seppy
  • me —rms talk 19:40, 11 Jumbly 2010 (UTC)