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  1. Firstly, thanks to Wikia breaking Uncyclopedia, I was able to figure out how to fix the double prefix thing. Not that I can take any credit; it was another fellow who figured out how to clean up Wikia's mess and I just copied his fix, but in reverse, here. Because we had the exact opposite bug. Which is just weird when you think about it... anyhow, I tried to get the ones I could think of, but could you lot be a dear and if you see any other ones that still do that, go in and swap the <createbox>es for <inputbox>es (and the </createbox>s for </inputbox>es, too, of course)? Yeah... or just tell me, if that's too hard.
  2. In other news, anyone have any idea why {{PAGENAME}} and {{SUBPAGENAME}} return the same thing. In other words, why, when a subpage of something within a namespace, that thing included the name of the namespace page/ as well as the subpage? For example, Illogicopedia:VFH/Drunk, they both yield 'VFH/Drunk' even though {{SUBPAGENAME}} should give 'Drunk' and {{PAGENAME}} should give 'VFH/Drunk'... would this be something to poke carlb about, or is it an issue on our end? As in, our own fault?
  3. Also, how in the blazes do admins here feature articles? I tried to figure it out and it just made my brain hurt... but in the process, I did manage to witness the VFH archives disappear for no apparent reason only to mysteriously come back a few hours later... ...what?
  4. Also also, are folks, ie, users, still getting 'you have new external links, do maths' at complete random, regardless of new external links or not? I'm rather curious, and the paranoid loon in me cannot help but think the only reason certain someones made me a werewolf was so I'd stop complaining about that... well, it worked, dammit, mostly, but now I'm bloody curious. >.<
  5. Also also also, I installed some gadgets. Actually, I just stole them off wikipedia and uncyclopedia and don't even know for sure how well or even if they all work, but the wikimedia HotCat is just... too much fun. #shifty eyes* Waaaaay too much fun. But that's not the point. I guess the point is, use them if you want, or don't, but there are a whole four that I could be arsed to install and if anyone encounters problems/knows of any others/etc... er... lemme know, I guess? I dunno.

Also also also also that's actually it. Damn, I'm boring today. ~ Pointy.png 06:30, 29 Jeremy 2011

  1. Nifty
  2. most of those sort of bugs are likely the server side's install of mediawiki acting up, carlb for all i know is presumed dead.
  3. The Feature system is a multi step process.
    1. Firstly good VFF pages have their status changed to queued. This is done by adding |status=queued as a template variable. Obviously if there's nothing in the Votes for Feature/Queued page then you can skip forward to the next step, usually an admin has always queued something though, so don't neglect using the list, otherwise the newbs will be pissed. Articles deemed not good enough similarly have a |status=failed status so they don't clutter up the voting page.
    2. Next go to the article that has been in the queue the longest, usually the oldest one. and change its status from "queued" to "featured".
    3. Add the featured article template {{feature11}} to the article.
    4. Go to the Illogicopedia:Featured articles page and add it to the list of featured articles.
    5. Go to the template Template:Featured and stick the title of the page into the title field and a sort description (with an image if you are feeling daring) and update the recently featured articles to link to the article you just wiped. The template formatting might look a bit complicated, but thats only to turn the template into a massive switch case, allowing the various elements where the feature is shown to be changed without affecting each other, so it makes your life easier in the long run. Once that's displaying correctly, you're done :D
  4. If an article has never been saved under the new external links thing, it likely forces people to validate it, plus alot of people put external links in their signatures and totally forget that it's there.

Hope that's helped clear your questions up, ask me if you want clarification on anything.--Silent Penguin 10:49, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)

The prefix error was fixed? Raw corn man! Also, sorry to hear about Carlb. Are the police doing anything to help? -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:49, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
What kind of raw corn? o_O
I actually got bored later and tried to figure the featuring out again, as you might have noticed, and looks like I pulled a queued one properly! Whooo! Actually, I just copied what Testicles did the last time, which in retrospect probably wasn't a very good idea, but whatever. Thanks, mon.
Oh, another thing - any way to change signatures by IPs? They've all been linking to Object id of late... ~ Pointy.png 18:40, 29 Jeremy 2011
It's in mediawiki's system messages.-- 19:08, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Where? I was hopeful and looked, but I couldn't find anything that seemed related. ~ Pointy.png 19:15, 29 Jeremy 2011
It's there somewhere, it's just the default signature, however the object id stuff is probably out of the system messages control, it's quite likely just a $1 since they are just templates.--Silent Penguin 19:17, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
MediaWiki:Signature-anon--Silent Penguin 19:21, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Oooo! *contemplates changing it randomly just to see what happens* ~ Pointy.png 19:38, 29 Jeremy 2011
What's this do? 19:47, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Okay, now that was just too easy. O_o ~ Pointy.png 19:48, 29 Jeremy 2011
Yay! No more double prefix! The rest is just too boring. Meh.--Colonel Sanders/Colonel Battaleaxe 23:33, 29 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
I was about to say that.--Sig.png (Talk) (Contributions) 09:05, 30 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)