I looked under my doormat and found a mango and started screaming at it even though mangos have no ears

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The mango just sat there. It was horrible.

Yeah, yesterday I picked up my doormat and there was a mango underneath, so I started screaming at it at the top of my voice, screaming and screaming even though it had no ears. I screamed at it for fifteen minutes, or maybe sixteen. THeN I stopped and wrote an angry letter to it explaining my fury towards it and asking it to kindly remove itself from the premises. But alas, when I returned after 5 hours of turning the TV on and off, it was still there. So I stabbed it with a knife, then


it. Then I lynched the mango, then I shot it some more times and then stabbed it again, then I CuT it up and smashed it. I then started painting on a tree with its guts. I wanted to paint a square, but it ended up looking more like a rectangle. I didn't like the rectangle, so I screamed at it. Then I washed it off. I wanted a square to be on the tree, so I cut my doormat in to the shape of a square and nailed it to the tree.

This morning, I went outside, and everything was upside down.

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