IllogiNews:Puisse is the new black, Social Studies is the new Math

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This anonymous woman was embarrased by the magnified slime mold festooning her head, and making her queasy.

ROUNDWORM, Texaz -- Some people in Congress apparently have taken a vested interest in clothes fashions and major disinterest in education, bipartily declarating some message about this new color called Puisse for commissioned officers in the military, and jointly declarating with full intent the stove of controversy without embarrassment towards shifting each high school subject twice to the left, resulting in, for example, Social Studies becoming the new Math. Congressman Barney Frank sponsored the so-called "Let's confuse the bejesus out of the Indians" act of 2012, and presented it to the smelly body as "a pro-active measure to keep those curry-slurpers guessing as to just how bonkers the average American teenager is".

Challenging this piece of legislation from the 6th dimension is an amorphous blob of antimatter particles in Earth's slipstream, represented in part by 3 Wisconsin Senators from Delaware. By way of obfuscation, the triumvirate attempted to convince colleagues that badmouthing Indians as a group is impolite, and that curry is indeed a very tasty meal.

President Obama was rumored to have been smoking a fine cigar when Karl Rove called to tell him that there is an excellent sale on paint at Sears this weekend.