The Article that was only added to by me (Testostereich) when activity on recent changes dried up. But adding to it had made it an oxymoron since it would cause activity to occur on the recent changes page each time it was edited

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I hate it when this happens, recent changes is dead'er than a doorknail, Marley, a coffin nail and Texan integrity put together. ...Always with the Texan jokes, dammit, I bet there's nice people out there, just to spite me. And all I get out of this is a lousy article with a name that hogs the scroll bar. Now to own my pop at the game of pool, the old man is still refusing to pass on the baton.

Hindleyite has left a comment on this article's talk page. Granted, the title is on the rather long side. And by the hammer of a fat 60 pack-a-day builder it's pedantic, but that aside.... uh, well nothing really. Actually, it's kinda nice. A little bit of recognition for me, a twinge of yay, the faintest flicker of pride and a small, yet still fairly liberal pouring of gratitude. Huzzuh! I guess... I must stop using the three to four full stops in a row technique, it is to be used sparingly, not every so often.... BLAST! What annoys me even more than the chance that didn't encur even a trace of a smile on your face when you read it is that I'm generally putting this on. There's no way I could fill out a paragraph with full reference to my life, that would be far too interesting.

Yay! Hindle's, the man & legend, left another comment. I'm giddy with happiness, okay, well I suppose that truthfully I'm in that indifferent slightly-sweaty mood that i'm generally in. But isn't his comment worth commenting about. Commenting on such com,ments, generates more comments, adding to the long line of comments on this commentary of what I generally get up to, which as a self-proclaimed commentator, is not a lot. Listen to this:
"It certainly spices up recent changes." -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here!
The guy's a genius. Well, I've heard that in real life he's just an art graduate from Wigan. Which I suppose, though pretty qualified in itself, technically doesn't warrant the label of 'genius.' Maybe some other time he'll earn his way into that noble rank, perhaps when our next unborn collab wins at something.

Well, this article does look pretty damm sexy on recent changes.

I edged a neat little victory over dad and HelloolleH's added some more quotes to Slightly Below Average Man. All is well for tonight.


I awoke at 10 o clock today (which is 9 o clock according to Wikia. Silly Wikia.) It's great to know that I'm finally allowed to wake up when I'm awake, but mum woke me up a 8 to tell me instructions for the day, and amid my dream of some codswallop that landed me on top of pillownous mountain, I've completely forgotten what she said. :P

I'm too lazy at the moment to add my well prepared spiel here. Perhaps later.
I was thinking of adding another comment to show my lack of effort for writing at the moment, but then I'd be tempted to use the same idea of the Procrastination article, and draw it out. Which, sad to say, is plagiarism.
Reading back on this, I realised I have mispelled 'Huzzah.' I said 'Huzzuh' - a false spelling. Yes you could argue that since 'Huzzah' is a fictional word that the spelling isn't strictly relevant, but as true grammar Nazi Diplomat, I believe action was necessary.
Okey dokey, time to update my journal. Which, as you may of guessed, is ths. Well it's what i call it anyway, you might no it as 'the article that will only be added to by me when activity on recent changes dries up. But adding to it would make it an oxymoron since it would cause activity to occur on the recent changes page' - virtually identical. I just thought I'd mention that I'm going on holiday for a week come tomorrow, just incase anyone reading (which is unlikely) wondered what had happened to this thread. In that case don't worry, I'm vacationing with some homies at a prison of war camp in 1940s Japan, if half of us make it back alive then it will have been a good trip; I jest. Oooo, 'Burn' (Deep Purple) is playing on my iPod. Slightly repetitive, but the guitar combined piano solos make it all worthwhile. When I return I predict the following:

  1. The Pickle judges will have chewed their way through half of the articles, (judging will follow 3 to 4 weeks later.)
  2. The site, due to the departure of my precense, the distinct lack of testicles, will be resemble a burning pile of ruins. Subsequentially Uncyclopedia will fall as well (since everyone knows that Illogicopedia is the cabal) and through a series of unfortunate events (courtesy of Lemony Snicket) the whole internet will explode. What little of humanity left behind, who were blocked from facebook and therefore out of the house at the time (probably searching for a new i.p.), will find there is no more need for memes, slang and lolcats. Society will form around Queen's english, and proper diction will be maintained at all times. Eventually we all die from lack of funnies, 4 long years after the asplosion.
    Nothing at all happens, there's slightly less activity and no change is recorded. Either one of the two.
  3. Slightly Below Average Man may have been featured, yay!
  4. I will have enough life experience gained from that week to write a sentence, relatively short, for this article.

So yeah, this should kickstart recent changes.

I'm tired, and Family Guy's on in 10 minutes. Sianorra.


Holiday Time! I'm off to pack.

Now Im just off. (en route to holiday.)


I'm back, AND it's my Birthday, so, go me! :P That aside, maybe I spend too much time on the internet writing silly things like this, it could be the distraction that's holding me back, I feel some what strangely determined to at least cut down on the unecessary recent changes patrols and establish myself some fun.

Prediction time: Pickles still haven't been judged, some one obviously found the fire extinguisher before the site burned down (it's still intact after a ball-free week), Slightly Below Average Man is still queued (since I'm usually the one changing the feature), and I used my weeks life experience to write you this sentence.

Other than that I'm good, my sabbatical rocked to high heavens, and is what I needed.


I have many things to do on my to-do-list, and writing to this is not one of them. Maybe some other time. And incase you were wondering I forgot to write to this yesterday, I wasn't in a cryogenic sleep or anything.

Well, maybe a little. More of a cryogenic nap....

Oh noes, I has fallen into the freezer! (again) ¬_¬ When I wake up some time in the next century, have deforsted, and reajusted to the fashions of the time, I will rectify this problem.


Grows beard bored of this Journal. As for any potential beardage, my chin is, as Seppy once so eloquently put it, comparable to a baby's ass.


I was bored (roughly five minutes ago, though you'd have to check when this comment was posted, and compare it to how long on average it takes me to write something before hitting the save button, to work out when exactly I said this, thus providing with the key to determine when the 'five minutes ago' occured, since anyone reading this will hasten to realise that by the time they've read this that it will almost certainly be longer than five minutes ago to when I notioned that I had been bored, it's a bit of a longwinded quest, even more so now that I had to research the correct URL for the link I just used (the preemptive link thing didn't like that one), but y'know, I think it's worth it, just so you can be exactly sure, pedanticly, when I proclaimed myself as bored.) Anyway, I decided, that in my latest attempt to annoy or at least raise a chuckle to the poor saps who use bebo to put one of the commonly found "Basics about me" sections on my profile page. Now normally people will put what they perceive as important physical information about themselves down, like eyecolour, breast size, sexually transmitted ailments, birthing scars, eye colour (yes, they have two eyes, therefore I get to mention it twice. The same applies to testicles as well), mental trauma suffered as a child, recent alleged sexual activity (shacking up with chavs seems to count for some unkown reason), and fot smell.

Well, okay, actually maybe just eye colour, height and weight etc. But that aside, I drew my (pretty unfunny) parody section, have a look:

Two eyes, two feet, three nipples (wait, that's my belly button) okay, two nipples, more hairs than sense, can you count sense? Probably not, it wouldn't make any sense. One hand, two legs, one nose, one other hand, currently no bosoms, 10 toes (well, at least I think there's ten, I can only count up to 6 so I had to guess the actual amount), yeah, that sounds good. That's the basics pretty much covered, there are no terms and conditions, though were there some make sure you apply them (directly to your forehead). I am non refundable, batteries are not included ('cept on Wednesdays) and am available for purchase at all good bookstores.

Thankyou and goodnightafternoon!


Mission Log: Final Entry. I can'r be arsed with this anymore. I have three Epics in the planning stages and are very much back as admin and editor. Good boo!