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This user belongs to the more illogical sex.

Hindley st.jpg This user is a Hindleyite.

This user has tamed the mighty Bcbkye. Fear them, for they now know all your secrets!


  This user has made Testostereich grovel.

Escapegame.jpg This user has escaped from the room!
Green check mark.jpg This user has beaten IllogiGames:Grand Theft Auto Illogicopedia!
Clock.gif This user has been on Illogicopedia for 4 months and 28 days.

RAD This user is so RAD!
Burningcookieaccumulator.jpg This user has made their own burning cookie accumulator and did not explode.

This wretched vandal has defaced Illogicopedia 10 times.
Strangled cat logo.png This user is a member of the Strangled Cat Party, and is bent on world domination.