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Japanese Dogshit[edit]

When dealing exclusively with japanese dogshit, one must first take into consideration what is the source of my Japanese dogshit? When Japanese dogshit comes to mind, the first thing that I can think a Japanese dog. A japanese dog is basically anything stupid or anything Japanese due to the fact that their people are genetically engineered robots with extreme calculus and geometric knowledge. The poop that is rendered from a deuce taken by a Japanese dog, is commonly referred to as "Japanese Dogshit"

Now that we have established where Japanese Dogshit comes from, what exactly does it consist of. Anything a jackass spews out of his or her mouth because a stupid fucking statement had to have been created by a japanese dog. When the Chinese refer to a japanese dog, they really mean you stupid fucking jap. God damn mongolions are not included as japanese dogs, therefore, god damn mongolions cannot spawn japanese dogshit, but rather create mongolion ass cream. A pile of japanese dogshit should never be touched by an American because it usually is toxic and radiates carcinogens. DISLCAIMER: one will get leukemia from touching, smelling, kissing, fornicating with, rubbing of, eating of, snorting of, gyrating on, skipping over, massaging with, scratching of, and consuming tea that contains ingredients that have come into contact with, japanese dogshit.

When we scream, that is some major japanese dogshit sir! we are basically exclaiming what a fucking doucher you really and truly are. If someone calls you a japanese dog, there is no way to combat that insult, one can try to defend their reputation against being a japanese dog, but they will fail and proceed to only spew more japanese dogshit, hence only confirming the aforementioned claim that the accused is in fact a japanese dog.

Please do not think that anyone will forget what a japanese dog you are, because once the japanese dogshit is out there, you cannot scoop it up. There is only shame that you are bringing to your familys honor. Basically go jump off a bridge you japanese dog you!

    • Kima-Jong-Irr and the pwaystation twee are forms of japanese dogshit that have not been spewed by a japanese dog, but are still considered as japanese dogshit due to their heinious nature and soforth, they do not require to have originated from the anus of a japanese dog.**

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Also, sjink.