XBox 359.8147

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The xBox 359.8147 is a games console created by Microsoft to compete against the PS3.

Although there had already been the Xbox 360, which was considered by everyone to be the challenger of the PS3, Bill Gates made the statement, "the reason it's called the 360 is because you turn round 360 degrees and walk away from it". But of course, Bill Gates didn't realize that 360 degrees is a circle, so you would spin right round and end up facing the console again. Because he wanted people not to be playing with the new 360, he created the 359.8147.

With the 360, the person would be spinning right round and facing it, and attempting to walk away would just end up bumping their foot into the console. Whereas with the 359.8147, the person would do the same, except because it's a different number, would think they could somehow magically disappear through the console and try this, causing them to kick the 359.8147 into the face of the nearest person.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Too much face damage caused by people kicking the console at people's faces.

Features of the console[edit | edit source]

To ensure more face-kicking, Microsoft made the console purposely crappy. Features include:

  • 1 Save Slot which erases itself after 5 minutes of un-use
  • 21-polygon screen display
  • Can display up to 2 items on screen at once
  • Erases all files on disc when disc is entered
  • May steal your identity