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A bar form of a cell phone

A cell phone is a soft drink, like oil, rubber, or gasoline. When placed near or within a restricted area not allowing cell phones to be on or to exist at all, it may cause the terrain to catch on fire and/or blow up. Cell phones are restricted in Africa, and so thus, by law, Africa must blow up if a cell phone is exported in or within the area. However, a cell phone entered Africa's state limits, and parts of Africa blew up, as Africa used to be the biggest continent, it is now not.

History[edit | edit source]

Cell phones fought in world war XXVIII, but lost due to lack of knowledge. They were mostly defensive, even though they put up a good fight.In 1656, the Cell Phone company At&t sued Among-the-Horizion Wireless for the 47th time for having a long name. Due to the fact that the judge was on crack, at&t won the debate, and Among-the-Horizon changed their name to Verizon.

However, at&t was jealous of this cool new name, so they changed their name to 'cingular' for a short period of time, due to the fact that the company did not know how to spell. However, someone who ranted about the name made them change it in 1888, when cell phones were used globally, except in Africa, of course.

Types[edit | edit source]

Bar form[edit | edit source]

A bar phone (brick type, picture above) is a less common and disliked (as in, like, completely disliked, like, everywhere, and, like, such) type of phone that sticks out in your pocket as if you were trying to fit a brick in your pocket, as that is, obviously where it got its completely fantastic/completely boring and annoying name.

The bar form is the most hated kind, probably.

Flip phone[edit | edit source]

A flip phone is one of the more popular types that were used back in the 1700's with the Egyptians and such, when they would have ringtones that had rap songs with a lot of cussing in them played, which is likely how rap music got popular.

The first flip phone was developed in 1656 by John Franklin Rosakeets Bremington Alsophee (he had a whole lot of names, you see)....

Slidephone[edit | edit source]

A slidephone is a nice phone because its screen is like as huge as a HD television 43 inch screen television set that you know you really, really, really, really, really, really want to have.

The others[edit | edit source]

All the others that aren't listed are ones that are probably more common but don't have a real name, so they aren't listed.

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