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Our friendly support team will help you in all things Illogicopedian.

The Illogicopedia Chatroom is up and running for business and for trading fish tails.

No actually, nobody goes there. Ever. Not in a million years has any one dared to look


The latest version of our discord server is here. Feel free to join us. This time, it's a global one :)


Illogicopedia's official IRC channel is #illogicopedia on Freenode. Point your own IRC client to irc:// or if you don't have your own client, go to and tell it your nickname and channel #illogicopdia [1]

£50 + VAT entry fee payable on entry to channel. The use of capital letters requires a IllogiaNet subscription (which can be obtained via contacting the relevant authorities). Any unauthorized change of topic in a conversation will result in a 772-year ban and the repossession of your home. Those who demand adminship on this wiki via this chat-room will be brutally raped and murdered by an unnamed employee.


IllogiaNet is a Subbuteonese chatroom, hosted at:


It is more of an IRC network, with 4 channels available. Usually, 50-70 people are online at once. The chatroom is quite remote, and mainly services the Koala Prefecture. Super Japanese and New Australian IPs are banned, and Illogicainenese only receive access to one channel, #international. The bots kick everyone off every 60 seconds, and ban you if you rejoin within 10 seconds. Also, Jon Stewart chats on here every 5 minutes for 0.0064 microseconds, and the werewolves cannot use it, because the servers are made of silver, thus causing a kitten to die. This also makes the World-wide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God mad, because he is banned. Banned. banned. The channels are:

  1. International -- For everyone of every language. Quite divided into languages, it's rare to find someone who does speak your language.
  1. You do not necessarily need to be insane to join, though it certainly is an advantage.

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Pssst... If you need a place for uber secret Illodge-related stuffs, theres always #Illogicopedia_cupboard ( This message will self-destruct in 2 seconds...