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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

[04:48:18]	<SilentPenguin>	i think i will bottle it and market it as a thing you spray on wrists
[04:48:21]			oh, wait
[04:48:48]	<Lucidor>	I would buy it
[04:48:57]			Need to fit in better in society
[04:50:49]	<SilentPenguin>	lol
[04:50:56]			showers are a good start
[04:51:28]	<Lucidor>	Yes, but it's not enough
[04:52:55]	<SilentPenguin>	Lucidor: if a shower isnt enough, then there isnt much saving you
[04:53:12]	<Lucidor>	I know
[04:53:22]	I've given up on it
[04:53:28]	<SilentPenguin>	false hope?
[04:53:53]	<Lucidor>	I wouldn't call it hope
[04:53:55]	<SilentPenguin>	after all, it would just be social face cream
[04:54:09]	<Lucidor>	false beliefs
[04:54:14]	<SilentPenguin>	lol
[04:56:06]	<Lucidor>	It was an awful revelation last year.. that there's just about nothing 
				I can do about it