Ol' Ma Cheeky

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Ol' Ma Cheeky is possibly the cheekiest man alive.


  • Ol' Ma Grumpy
  • Ol' Ma Skier
  • Ol' Ma Ill
  • Ol' Ma DIY
  • Ol' Ma Driver
  • Ol' Ma Manufacturing Inc.
  • Papa Moomin Enterprises
  • Moomin Management Ltd.


The Future of Ol' Ma Enterprises is unclear. The current economic downturn has led to substantial job cuts at the Ol' Ma Ranch, coupled with the worldwide shortage of Cheeky Dust and Turd Polishing Equipment.


In 2008 Moomin Management Ltd, a trading Division of Ol' Ma Enterprises was at the centre of a media frenzy surrounding several unexplained deaths at the Ol' Ma Ranch. A Spokesperson said "Don't be f**king stupid, get out of my f**king office you c**t"