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“Steam punk, ya know ... it's like porn, but with clothes on!”

~ Jeremiah Bentham

Steam Punk was a late 19th century tribute band for the late 20th / early 21st century French house duo Daft Punk. This was made possible by the French house producers emailing physical copies of their vinyl records back in time to their great grandfathers so that their music could be heard before it was created. But since the music of Steam Punk was in the public domain by the time Daft Punk came on the scene, this unorthodox means of self-promotion led to widespread claims that Daft Punk lacked originality in their sound, relying mostly on Steam Punk as a source for their samples. Daft Punk denies these allegations, insisting that they are, in fact, the source of the musical ideas and that they have not inadvertently caused any causal loops, which is good because that sort of thing really pisses off the Time Police.[1]

This left Steam Punk in the remarkable position of being the world's first tribute band existing prior to the original band they tribute. This record is problematic to justify because they are only "first" from the perspective of Booster Gold, as such records were made to be broken by anyone who simply time travels back just a little bit further or decides they don't like vinyl.

Attempts to permanently attain the record in an indisputable fashion have been made by some black metal bands who faxed copies of their music to Satan before the dawn of time, causing black metal to become the inspiration for Satan and not the other way around. Or maybe I was listening to that backwards. Anyway, the whole time traveling angle is pretty awesome, next section.


Steam Punk uses entirely 19th century technology to create their music. Insert cool looking steam powered crap with gears and people wearing odd clothes with goggles here for steam punk aficionados to drool at.


  1. Surprisingly, causal loops do not actually cause pose any real metaphysical problems for the fabric of the spacetime continuum. It's not even really against the Laws of Time. They won't arrest you or anything. It's just that they make the Time Police get really pissed off.