Growing with tobacco

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There is no life[edit | edit source]

When people Squeej the Weej they mar my lettuce. LETTUCE. The country next to coleslaw. Which has less sulphuric acid than any other plutonium-based snack. Mon. Don't think. Click my brick for I have flown. Liqiuqwe. Suitcases can substitute for someone's arse. Floob. And you CAN grow. or zucchini. or trumpet strumpet. Straight. Adam. Norman. Fill your stuffed toy with cookies.

LOVE and FAT and HAT[edit | edit source]

Look at your fat hat it needs donuts. CWBCASWT. MWE! RACISM 300. Throw in some David Hasslehoff and you have........

JAMES[edit | edit source]

TATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA. Somebody I used to know before they became an indigo triangle. Pikachu.

Liquid ass[edit | edit source]

I think I just got a....Liquid ass. 40 times with full volume,please! The girl wanted a glass of cheese and a sound sandwich. BEEP BEEEP BOOP.