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For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Vandalism.
Seen here is a highly sucky and quite rare photo of Sophia untouched by vand...damn it...not again.

“In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia vandalises YOU!”

~ Russian reversal on vandalism

<insert name here> is french toast”


I love messing up wiki sites is any addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to reduce the quality of the encyclopedia. The most common type of vandalism is the replacement of existing text with obscenities, page blanking, or the insertion of meta-jokes or other nonsense. Fortunately, this kind of vandalism is usually easy to spot.

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Any good-faith effort to improve the encyclopedia, even if misguided or ill-considered, is not YOUR MUM. Apparent bad-faith edits that do not make their bad-faith nature inarguably explicit are not considered vandalism at Wikipedia can i realy edit this page wow. For example, adding an opinion once is not vandalism — it's just not helpful, and should be removed or restated. no thats nottrue at all you stupid, this arcitle is full of wrong facts, wikipedia is the worst

Committing vandalism is a violation of the Wikipedia policy; it needs to be spotted, and then dealt harshly with — sucky suckup users are encouraged to report and revert any vandalism they see.

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Wiki Vandalismlink title[edit]

Wiki vandalism is generally defined as editing your dad in a way that is intentionally disruptive or destructive. There are four generally acknowledged types of vandalism: deletion of legitimate information, insertion of noncents or irrelevant content, addition of unwanted commercial links (spam), and policy violations specific to that wiki. english people vandalised our sheep

Spotting Vandalism[edit]


seriously who doesnt no how too spot vandallism

I know it when I see it, does it really need to be defined?

It's arguable that most (identified) vandalism has consisted of really quite obvious cases. NO IT ISNT Hence, Wikipedia doesn't need to definefoo an "official" policy on what constitutes vandalism at all.yes itdoes We can use the rule of thumb, "When a reasonable person might be in doubt as to whether something is vandalism, it would be polite not to call it vandalism."cowbell

Of course, that depends on the normative definitions of "obvious", "reasonable" and "polite"NO!!!!!!!!, which are necessarily subjective, and vary from encyclopedia to uncyclopedia.

Patent vandalism is vandalism where both the reader and the contributor agree that it is vandalism. This is sometimes easy to determine (e.g. vandal puts HAHAHAHAH as their edit summary or otherwise states that it is vandalism), and sometimes slightly harder. I Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '''Italic text[ link title[edit]

] Italic text[ link title[edit]

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Vandalism, Otherwise[edit]

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Vandalism is the avdigjirjy9foo5iuy5plu[5;u5]'f]blct of intentionally and malevolently modifying or destroying something. (anything)

For an example of vandalism, click here

“When in Rome, do as the Vandals do.”

~ Napoleon Bonaparte on Napoleon

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