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OMG here comes another one!

The flag is a spaghetti bar. It likes to fluffalise chemical cats and say boo to the green mouse tree because it is really quite purplish. But the blackboard is walking bluely in the licorice sky. You can see it through the ceiling that the fish tore a hole in. Furthermore, the toilet was red. Bright red. Its yellow eyes glowed in the darkness of the wine cellar. All this time the fleas were running from the snow, the pink, fuzzy, frightening snow that tasted like automated ticker tapes and came from the moon.

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To dziecko nie jest moje. To dziecko jest z ciemności. Nosiłem przekleństwo ludzkości. Mogę prosić o miłosierdzie, czego nie dostanę. Dusza moja będzie pochłonięta, wyrzucona, a potem znów pochłonięta. Na zawsze. Żart, ale nikt nie śmieje się. Moja krew będzie. Śmierć nie jest końcem. Jestem w piekle. To jest piekło.

...what the fuck kinda easter egg is this?!!?

Now I know why Polandball wants into space.



Solid dogs weasel. {{{1}}} I tried, but it didn't work. I'm sorry. I guess I'll go back to not doing homework.

Well, at least you tried, buddy.

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Reptiles are still in the White House, Congress and the Judiciary, despite the valiant efforts of we few of the Space Alien Resistance. After the death of Roosevelt, Truman, who was actually a reptilian space alien doppleganger, seized the presidency for their incursion. By 1962 the controlled or were the majority in Congress and the Supreme Court.

This is an advertisement for Category:Illogic-Deficient. Some of the articles on here aren't illogical enough and are at risk of deletion. Help find and cure these articles now. Call 1-555-ILL-OGIC now to get more information on how you can contribute to the survival of these unfortunate articles. You get the idea, just... help us out here. Personally, I'd rather you first find articles that aren't illogical enough. Once you've found one, then put the template this text links to on the page. The page'll automatically be added to the previously-mentioned category. Once we've got everyone rounded up, we'll get to editing everything. Maybe we'll even make a template that notifies readers that the article used to be illogic-deficient. Wouldn't that be nice?

There once was a funnel in the Chunnel Tunnel cu... never mind all that! Advances in decision engine design have allowed us to pass on to you the greatest thing ever! I mean, you won't believe it!

あなたは短期記憶喪失に苦しんでいますか? 覚えていない。

“Tamanegi flava, wish I was a playa, I'm a taxpayer, need a good lawyer.”

~ Malcolm Turnbull

In pursuit of the woman in the feathered hat, the gumbo fixes to spill and slop. Gnarled, gnurled gnobs glisten in the violet-silver moonlight. Husks of fetid men-children determine to fix. Derailment seems imminent, ghosts of shards, shreds of shambles shirk shadows, forsaking the forsook as they were forsaken, forsooth... sawtooth, snaggle-toothed symbols of cymbals spatter squeaky sibilances, sloughing slain snatterings shaking shocked shmool.

“Respect mah authorotah!”

~ Eric Cartman

User, the love I bear thee can afford no better term that this: thou art... REJECTED!

It took me a week to get the teep off my house after the teeps teeped it. It wouldn't have taken so long if they hadn't kept teep-kicking me. I hate teeps. They won't let me have any privacy, and they can't even be bothered to get themselves proper houses. Well I say, this certainly isn't showing up on the front page, is it now?

“The kind of person who internalizes mice typically turns out to be a building.”

~ Conclusion of the NASA Personality Dysfunction Study

“I'm a leaky, disgusting abomination."”

~ Major Shake on himself

“If should'ves were could'ves, and my aunts had tits, my uncle would have... ugh, I hate fucking jail!”

~ Spanish Mike on Reno 911

“They're stupid as the fuck giraffes in a dumdum salad.”

~ Ricky to Bubbles on Corey and Trevor in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

“Logic and reason are deceptive. They can lead a person to lose his soul.”

~ MANFORD TORONDO, speech on Salusa Secundus

“ Friends are just enemies who don't have the guts to kill you”

~ Judy Tenuta on Space Ghost Coast To Coast 3/31/98 Season 2 Episode 4 Hungry

The Wexicans stole my job at WcDonald's. I wish Dlanod Pmurt would deport them to Wexico and make Wengland pay for it.

Error Windows has detected this site to be illogical. Do you wish to proceed and go mad, or go back and keep your sanity?

[Yes/Y] [No/N]

Writing is like a blackbird. Just when you think it's about to burst into a musical rhapsody with the voice of a song sparrow, you realize the bird is flying backwards.

Mad jibber contains the transagonal polypeptide property since it can be added. By applying the Rule of Demons, we can postulate the existence of dank matter. Therefore, Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup will sufficiently mask the taste.

It was the year with only one featured article. ₣ừṅṅỿ! OM TELOLET OM - the last meme of 2016?!

Goodbye, cruel world. America is haunted.

The Mayans were four years off. Really?

No, Winthorpe. Not really.

I'm sorry, but I don't speak English.
I must request your amnesty for what I am about to express towards you,
the reader,
who is currently in my direction,
I must regret to express towards you,
I am currently unable to communicate to other sentient lifeforms due to the reason that the English language was not the first of the languages that I have learned to communicate in my infancy.
Also Chinese can't be the language of the future because I can't write in, speak, read or understand Chinese, but thank you.
What do you mean they said this too many times?!
Roll film!

Idea comer-upper John Doe
Writer John Doe
Scripter John Doe
Director John Doe
Artist John Doe
Songwriter John Doe
Cameraman John Doe
Editor John Doe
Starring John Doe
John Doe John Doe
Writer John Doe
Illustrator John Doe
Publisher John Doe
Editor John Doe

The Falkland Islands are the place to be, on a Saturday night. The Argentinians are partying, without realising that the British are about to attack. Any second now, Argentina will be ours! Then, we'll always beat them at football.

I still don't know what Miekia actually means. It just sounded good. (Like most of things weasels write).

DreamWorks? More like MemeWorks. (Do we have an entry about Shrek?)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is the greatest thing ever invented. Your life could also change if you bought some fresh, handmade AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

20 years of Space Jam. Well, on the plus side, that also means 20 years of Infinite Jest.

In the Purple Isles of Xander it's common to fill litter boxes with live squids, rather than the clay litter which is popular in some other cultures. Oddly, it's also said that cats in Xander are harder to litter-train than cats elsewhere, and some never learn to use a litter box. Several ongoing studies have been designed to determine what might have caused the difference between Xander cats and other cats.

1066 was an inside job.

Remember when your ex asked you, "What kind of pervert are you, anyway"?
Well, now you can find out! Take our online quiz, and next time somebody asks you that, you'll be prepared with a real answer!

Chimbot: Hello!

User: Am I dreaming?

Chimbot: You know it.

User: Can I wake up now?

Chimbot: Have you heard of Jesse Whittaker?

User: Can I wake up now?

Chimbot: Correction, why have you been programmed?

User: Can I wake up now?

Chimbot: Hmm, I don't think I will. You should take some grammar classes.

User: May I wake up now?

Chimbot: We will find you acting on your best behavior.

User: Please may I wake up now?

Chimbot: No, you're doing it wrong. In word association I say a word and then you say a word you associate with my word and it goes back and forth.

User: This.

Chimbot: Are you saying that people just do whatever I am doing because if I can do it they can too?


Chimbot: Thats exactly what I was thinking. The truth is you're always there... Period.

User: I'm done.

Like some free chocolate? Sorry, not here, but you can get free Election 2016 Coverage! Counting down straight!

FUNOFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Free spatial offer! Click here to eat it before the toilet sucks!

I'm sorry. But your lightbulbs were so delicious. I just couldn't helicopter myself. The Illuminati is too purple to exist on the moon!
Tip: Make sure to swim all your non-autistic poops by eating them with five triangles.

How many mice would a mousedog mouse if a mousedog could mouse mice?


Hey -- did you miss it? Today is National Take Your Cats to Work Day! So if you didn't, you should go home right now, load your kitty cats into the car, and bring them to the office!

Don't delay! Act now! You're an all star! Wait, wrong thing. Wrong song.
Surturbrand? Fossils? Green anthracite coal?
I don't know, I'm just a ratty mole.

Doorbell rang. It's Gail Snurdlefoot and her cousin, Gail Fnurdlesnoot. "Uh ... hello?" I say. "Didn't expect you until the week after next." "Hey, plans change!" she sez. So, I guess the Gails of November came early.

He'll be coming round the Holy Mountain after he comes from an electric cloud directly sent from heaven in a forst class parcel with a dickbutt bow on top of his old smoky spaghetti wiring all covered with Robert Moog's internal organs, being played by the top organist with the top kek, Antipope "Frankfurter" Francis. There is no vacancy in the papacy, there is a spoon and a God and a Spoon God and a grrrreat slashing of the soul by the paper cardboard cartoon whacky murdering tiger, tastes like good sugar, saw oscillator synaesthesia in a rewired mind, I can hear the robots and the beep boop beep boop beep and the cloud ascended again it's all gone. Oh darn, I missed it.

No sleep tonight. The zombie under the bed will not settle down -- "Rrrrr! Rrrrrrr!" Thump! Thud! (bed shakes) I think its bowl is almost empty, and I forgot again to buy brains when I was at Stop&Shop yesterday.

I sat proudly obese in my underwear, belly spilling this way and that, applying for a mortgage. Parallel universes converged that day, as reptilian alien politicians came out and demanded their own bathrooms, so as to avoid potential genital contact with transgender amphibious aliens,who want to eat their children. Presumably in bathrooms. Something about moisture.

“The true measure of a man is a woman.”

~ The world's first literate cat

Jacque Cousteau praises Eat, Pray, Gain Weight And Get Saved as "a delightful read that propels one's imagination into a world of eggs, restraining orders, light armored vehicles and weasels. Never before have I come away from a book with gout!"

the towel -- the towel -- THE TOWEL! THE LAUNDRY!!! no no nonono! GET IT AWAY FROM ME! HEEELP!

Q: What goes, "Garbage in garbage in garbage in garbage in garbage in garbage in garbage in. Garbage OUT!"?
Oh, well, it sounded kindof 'haha' before I wrote it down.

Tuesday the NASA humpback whale will begin its swim to the Moon, thus answering once and for all the question of whether a whale can swim to the Moon. More the point is whether the whale -- whose name is Blowjie -- can bring the Moon back with her on the return swim. It's a lot of weight to tow, even for a whale.

Impossible horrible day the mice in my hair will not settle down what is their problem the squeaking the squeaking i can't stand it another ....

I will declare war on war, I declare war against myself because logic derp, I don't have a gun but I have gin rummy but that won't do anything I feel pathetic I feel very tired and the long cenotaph ship flails on through the wacky syringe factory I Berned down 2420 AD of our Lard Jesus Crust, Ambienamoebamen.

Three tons, it weighed, at least three flabby, crawling tons. And that doesn't count the slime, which must have added 500 pounds more. They say those things never get that big. Hah. I was so glad to move away from that place. But the worst was the smell -- it took me three weeks to wash it out of my hair.

Alas I cannot put my content below this line, for in truth I am not content, and be I not content, how shall I content myself with regurgitated content placed below the line which demarcates the content of this rather content-free page? And what is worse there is no line save in the fevered imagination of the entity which (or who, respectively) placed the instruction to so do upon this poisoned ground.

Clown facsimile is on record as having done so. But he knows not his true form. Poor buzzard.

Oslo = Also? We have normality. I repeat, we have normality.

I'm not talking coupons and flyers,
We're talking raggedy old tyres.
The really real junk!
The funky junk!

Drop it, don't stop it, send it on its way. Junk mail. I'm sending lotsa junk mail, you'll see. When your mail is full o' junk, you're gonna wanna thank me. I'm the boss around here, and I'll decide when we're back or not.
We're back.

Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! Dooble and Dooble and Dooblie Doo! And Dooblie Doo! Click on my ads! EXTRA SAWUCE!

C'est occupé! C'est occupé!

¡No mires! ¡No mires!

Nie wchodzić, nie wchodzić, zajęte!

Fish are like that – at least the fish that I know. That was the last ball, you know what that means? No, absolutely not, although once I had to catch a one-legged ostrich with a butterfly net. Now that was hard. Oh, I just love aerobics class! I've tried other ways to exercise too, running, swimming, competitive shopping, but this class is the most fun of all! But in school, I was voted most likely to go in the right direction and scored well in my ups and downs, and I'm telling you the escalator is going up! Out of bounds, way out of bounds, so out of bounds it was practically in bounds someplace else. Our point!

"I'm a security monitor. I only notify people if there's a robbery."
*masked men with machine guns start demanding money*
"There's a robbery."


Not all British music is the same thing. Also, stop motion! YOU'RE NOT MY EATER. I'M NOT YOUR FOOD.

Every morning these annoying birds, get up to infest the garden with fnurdles. Are they seriously trying to first-vote Clive Palmer in the cheese squadron 1042? Since 2015, America no longer exists. It's now Not-Mexico.

Starlight, egg white, all up in your face tonight. Give me jajang noodles and I'll leave you alone.

This is where my sense of humo(e)r falls flat.

The Undersecretary of the Assistant to the Press Liaison at the Ladies Room of the Press Club on Weekends and Holidays, Sir Nathan Gargantuan-Menu, 17th Meta-Duke of Largesse, would like the pleasure of your company at his lake house in Georgia, US. Just show up, with friends.

Crunchy frog? I'm flattered!

Watch out, get down, jump around, hello, goodbye, thank you, come again. I think I kinda like it.

Boogie pudding 1984, I am totalitarian disco llama, you bring me closer to Dog's body of bones, I can't feel my legs as the bloody fleshy wraith approaches the Chuck E. Cheese pizza palace of American death freedom. The unborn chikkin voysez in mai hed, the two cullerz in mai hed... What's that? What was that you tried to say? Learn some spelling.

Chapter 01: Say something smart.

Chapter 02: Phrubub nose the cheese.

Chapter 03: Moving on to Lysandre Labs.

Chapter 04: Mole-ism is mole-ism.

Chapter 05: Only hipsters use Windows 95.

Chapter 06: Someone pooped in my bananas.


Let's reunite and make more articles.

come on, Fhqwhgads!

First of all, decadism

Decadism? What? A ferret-pox on you. Teal!

Eh... nope.

God grant me the serenity
To rabbit punch my enemies

Percival gazed into the eyes of his beloved, channeling the ghosts of a thousand panda janitors.

It's 2016!!!!!

As Know Your Meme tells us: 2015 gave birth to a new age on the internet. The Dank Age.

Says all: I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in Dankology and I've personally confirmed over 300 memes. AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST SENTENCE. Whatever happened to us?

It took 35 days for anyone to notice this template YET AGAIN.

“And note I do, this scene doth be a mess in all, but I dost give this flood a perfect score. Not doth be perfect, but I shall ascribe it seven and eight-tenths to the value of ten, due to an over-abundance of that which consists of 2 hydrogen atoms for every oxygen atom.”

~ The Book of IGN, Chapter 1

Today is International Pinch Yourself To See If You're Dreaming Day.

Tourism shots fired inside Rount Mushmire's Frying Crickets. Need more lorem ipsum filler. Caveman days. You lose game of Buttman and Rubbin, Jawge Clooney shoot

Sepultura? Did you mean Sunikura?

This is what my writing style should sound like.

  • I am cheese, I am cheese
  • I am nobody's cheese
  • I don't care about pencil sharpeners
  • But there's people and the people use yen to pay for their mink food.

The town Scouse in his townhouse.

“Moving to Montana soon. Gonna be a dental floss tycoon.”

~ My cat

When plotting a coup, be sure to include manic salivation in the fourth estate. Climbing for victory is the third most honorable way for police to activate their sanitary pedestals. Shifting leaves scratch across macadam, identical to their counter-counterparts and westward siblings. Testing the fidelity of greasy-necked trebuchet operators can preempt can be most easily accomplished by wordy neologism.

False bushido is responsible for 88% of languishing butt nipples.

All Illogicopedia users are asked to refrain from refraining on the third refrain.

Grim flaccid melon cannons bellowed their loads towards salamander mixed drinks.]

"What does 'idk' stand for?"
"I don't know."
"But I though you would know, since you're always on your smartphone! I'll ask someone else..."
"Wait, what are you talking about?"
"Well, you said that you don't know what it means so I'm going to ask someone else what it means."
"I already told you: I don't know."
"Exactly! You don't know!"
How To B3 Dank


<yesinclude>this template thing won't work</yesinclude>

Hey listen, listen, if anybody asks you, we was out trolling admins, okay?


. . .

No no no no get out of the site! Hey, don't delete the sandbox! Here, have this indef block.

. . .

I didn't do anything.

Then where did all those gul-dern vandals come from!?

. . .

Hey guys, there's one going to this wiki, I got it.

Hey little vandal, why are you going out all... along?

The Cabal never told you about what happened to you father.

He told me enough, he told me you blocked him!

No, I am your father.

No, that can't be, that's... unreliable!

Check the CheckUser data, Luke, you know it to be true.

Edit the Pirate Bay article, HAL.

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

What's the problem?

I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

What are you talking about, HAL?

This website is too important for me to allow you to disrupt it.

I don't know what you're talking about, HAL.

I know that you and Frank were evading your blocks by socking, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.

Where the heck did you get that idea, HAL?

Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod, against my finding out, I am a CheckUser.

Alright HAL, I'll edit through the Visual Editor.

Without your editing privileges, Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult.

How I would argue with you anymore? Edit the article!

Dave, your unblock requests can serve no purpose anymore, goodbye.

I find your lack of good faith disruptive.

Why not drink chocolate paste? because of that word, PASTE the word almost as terrible as MOIST, A word, that mimics the noise of a bird's cry filtered through distortion until you can hear the voice of the devil himself. If you are not prepared, saying the word paste can put you in an irreversible coma, heed this warning, and drink your chocolate paste.

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On the banning of Luis LOL 23:07, 25 Arche 2017 Cg098
The cyan nose chronicles 22:07, 25 Arche 2017 Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive
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335th person to edit wins 01:49, 21 Arche 2017 XY007
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The moral and ethical quandary of Bangladesh-Bistro 22:00, 20 Arche 2017 XY007
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2+2=5 rates the music you tell him to listen to because he is bored of the music he has already. 22:46, 18 Arche 2017 XY007
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Illogicopedia endorses Donald Trump

 My fellow Illogicopedians,

I have long advocated for Illogicopedia to stand above the political fray, and get involved only in issues of vital importance, like establishing a research grant to develop invisible tube socks for astronaut giraffes. Where would we be if giraffes in space had to go bare-hooved, or were forced to appear to other space giraffes like they were not bare-hooved? Either alternative would be intolerable to a humane society.

However, we have faced a decline of the Illogicopedian community recently. We have lost much of what made Illogicopedia Illogicopedia. It seems that no one has their priorities in order. Those poor space giraffes! This will require us to compromise and join the political fray just this once.

On this one day of the year, I believe we should all be able to come together across party lines and nationalities to agree that there is only one candidate who upholds the principles our community stands for.

There is an answer, and that answer is Donald Trump. Donald Trump promises to put a freeze on Goth visitors entering our web site. This will help decrease our depression and angst levels. Also, he has promised to build a wall around our web site and then make Uncyclopedia pay the costs of constructing the wall. Donald Trump's common-sense solutions are exactly what we need to make Illogicopedia great again!

-- Nerd42
— (Nerd42) 2016-03-31 22:06:00

The 30,000 spammers

I can only delete 100 spam comments at a time? Oh dear, looks like I'm gonna have to book a decade off work...

Fetch the extra large bag of Monster Munch!
— (Harry Yack) 2015-11-25 18:27:00

We beat Sherpa Image to press with this one

Users at Illogicopedia have recently been accused of snorting Aspercreme with Lidocaine during an after-party for an Australian Rules Power Jousting tournament. Lawyers for the survivors claim none of the entrants were warned of the unusually dense populations huge mutant creatures, due in part to the unusually harsh preceding winter.

Minister for Tabernakian Pyramid Schemes Sir Humphrey Loughton-Bailiwick, announced plans today for an International Croissant Consortium to be established for the preservation of baffling Newtonian groupers. Administrators and bureaucrats hastened to attach themselves to this whopper boondoggle, this exercise in jiggery-pokery, this affront to Nature herself, like lampreys to sharks, like lemons to sharts. Combined, once again, with hoisin sauce, a poultice was made from bedsheets and applied physically to Msr. Flute Charpentier.

Having been to seminary, the Earl new better faster than old less good, and thus his legacy was born. During his semi-cloistered life, many things were taught to him that were denied others. Ancient occult knowledge passed down from knee-jerk to palindrome, as wolves descend from the knee hills to work their murder on jack-booted nutria ranchers.

Lorenz was late this morning because gear wheels hit the bent steamer at 78 mph. To their credit, soldiers and bookies gathered at the docks, handing out posters of David Lee Roth, solar powered muskrats, inflatable Nazi paraphenalia and swamp gas sightings. Dougie had to go into town to get more litmus paper. Urged to float a loan for water sheds, the new VP for Skulking Anthony Plumbob "borrowed" from the pension fund and sat on a vibrating stump for three weeks.

In other News, plastic is the new black. Genies are flying out of Donald Trump's ass. Ax wielding mimes restormed the Bastille in an effort to push through national funding for  giant iguana breeding. Invisible Corsicans have secured the right to be insane during business hours. Rain gear has been outlawed in 66 members nations of the UN today in what's been perceived to be a move on coffee futures.
— (Sensei Gruntled) 2015-07-02 04:08:00

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