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The following is highlights of the changes made to the movie "Spiders on a Boat" to allow it to be on T.V.

Scene 1[edit]


What the f***ing s**t? What'd the f*** you say's down in that s***hole we call the lower deck?


What the monkey spit? What'd the duck you say's down in that poophole we call the lower deck?

Scene 2[edit]


Where in the hell is my f***ing shotgun?


Where, my friend Dale, is my blasting shotgun?

Scene 3[edit]


Now I'm f***ing tired of these f***ing eight legged son of a bitches!


Now I'm snuffing tired of these huffing eight legged son of a mothers!

Obviously the movie wasn't highly rated.

The Wide Screen Version[edit]

The original theater release version of Spiders on a Boat is available on Youtube. It may have been edited for length and to bleep out some of the more excessively excessive dialog but other than that it's still just as it was projected in the Sony 32 Screen Megaplex theaters during the late 1900's. Thanks so much to whatever kind soul took the time to upload this masterpiece: Spiders on a Boat