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The Left Arrow party, also known as the Liberal Arrow party, is a political party developed by Thomas Up in 1894. The party mainly stands for the equal rights for all directions of arrows, as well as for those that identify as vectors. Their first footholds were achieved in 1905 following the downfall of the United Arrow Emirates (UAE), in which diagonal-identifying arrows were stripped of their rights by the opposing Right Arrow party. The protests of the Up Arrow party eventually led to a bill being ratified by president Truman in 1907 allowing legal multiplication of same-direction arrow sets, although this bill is often criticized for not being inclusive to division and scalars. In 1934, the first Left Arrow candidate was elected for the prime minister position of the newly reformed UAE. This victory for the party led to a greater influence in the United States of Canada, eventually leading to the inclusion of the left arrow on the computer keyboard, and as the 28th letter of the English Alphabet by the English Language Consortium, ratified by president Barack Obama. However, this bill is being radically protested and may be removed by 2020.