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The up arrow, invented by Thomas Up in 1894, was originally intended to be a remedy for the common cold, but was later found to be an inadequate solution by mathematician John Adams. The arrow was later used as a pointing device, with the first documented case being in the early 1700’s. However, it wasn’t until 2004 that the up arrow would find its most notable place on the computer mouse, which had been around for centuries earlier. Other, less known uses were on Hasbro’s Monopoly board, and on the computer keyboard. In 2011, the English Language Consortium decided that the up arrow would become the 27th letter of the English Alphabet. In 2012, this bill was ratified by president Barack Obama under the Arrow Rights Act. Today, the up arrow still faces conflicts with the down arrow, as well as the left and right leaning arrow parties, although recent developments include the younger generation’s general opposition to this supposedly oppressive quarternary system. Due to this and many diagonal pride rallies all around the city of Wyoming, the Arrow Rights Act is expected to be repealed by Canadian dictator Donald Trump by 2020.