100 Worst Situations to Get an Erection

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  1. In front of mom.
  2. At your nan's funeral.
  3. While overhearing your parents having sex.
  4. While reading this article.
  5. While working in the local daycare.
  6. On national television.
  7. While operating a chain saw. ARGGHHH GOD!
  8. While being examined by your doctor.
  9. While in a crowded elevator.
  10. While talking about how clearly not gay you are.
  11. During the rapture.
  12. When you're a woman.
  13. While praying.
  14. During a "don't get an erection" contest.
  15. In the middle of a wrestling match.
  16. On stage at the Oscars, with co-presenter Dame Helen Mirren.
  17. While being arrested.
  18. During a trial in which you are the defendant.
  19. In an Olympic gymnastics event.
  20. While exaggerating the length of your member.
  21. At any point of a pick-up basketball game.
  22. While doing "the worm."
  23. While trying to pee in a public bathroom.
  24. In an all-male locker room.
  25. While camping with a bunch of other men.
  26. While taking a family portrait.
  27. While looking at something that shouldn't be able to give you an erection.
  28. With your head in a guillotine.
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