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More internet gold.

2∞&< is a failed film following up on on a third generation spinoff of the incredibly successful film, Toy Story. It is based on some dude in a space suit who likes to say, "to infinity, and beyond" a lot. He was kind of a sanctimonious, self important prick who considered the universe how own private hero's journey. In fact, he was convinced that Joseph Campbell was writing about him.

Universal suffrage was obtained by gimbolled guards on their way to Easter Mass. The calumnous lot was set upon by belching gibbous dyslexics with free health care. The lesser gorillas attached themselves as though breast feeding, and bibbits were kept away in droves. They got hammered at a youth hostel with some Checkos Lovakians melted into a polly wolly doodle all day. Once gays in Indiana got happy about Indiana's religious legislation, the dyslexics all got tattoos on their fingers.