A Capella Too Far

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A Capella Too Far is a novella by Zachariah Geheimeschmutz, an American author and freeloader living in rural Vermont. It began as a reselling of the World War 2 battle over the last intact bridge into Germany. The first American platoon across counted a professional barbershop quintet among it's number, and they became notorious for singing "Flight of the Valkyries" when charging into battle, thus "A Capella Too Far"

In summer of 1988, Geheimeschmutz was working on the fifth chapter when his bicycle collided with a mango vendor's cart in downtown Newark, New Jersey. Although cleared by doctors for head injury, his behavior became aberrant. The arc of the story changed abruptly. The singers became a family of sasquatches from Bermuda. An artillery spotter knitted tea cozier for the whole company.