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The following article is exhausting, and may cause some users to grow tired and fatigued.
It is recommended that only users with a fully trained first aider present attempt to read it.

The following text was written entirely by Galanoth, the Great Eternal Hierarchy-Appointed Defender Of The Gem Of Quirath, High Priest to the 7th Branch of Defensive Goblin Troops, Great Summoner Of White Wolf Spirit Demons Of 7th Degree Shadow Magic Prophecy as Appointed by the Deceased Spirit Bequeathing To Him The 8th Edition Dragon Slayer's Legendary Parchment.

Hey, let me tell you a story I think is quite interesting; I was at my friend's house when my friend and his mum left to get some shopping but I stayed so I was home alone so I logged onto his computer and went onto RuneScape and bought a granite maul and went to PvP and died and lost my granite maul and logged out and then I got really bored so I turned on the TV and Top Gear was on so I was watching Top Gear and they revealed the identity of the Stig and it was Michael Schumacher and I thought to myself no way is the Stig Michael Schumacher so I ignored that and then thought about who it could actually be but I couldn't figure it out so I stopped thinking about it and then I changed the channel and South Park was on and they were saying the N word and it wasn't censored and I was thinking how do they get away with that on TV because usually they don't censor that word so I went upstairs to take a crap but then I looked in the medicine cabinet and found some prescription pills and took a bunch of them and busted up the whole house and now I'm in Prison...

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