A minute by minute review of 'Fool's Gold' by the Stone Roses

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Alright, so this is my review of Fool's Gold by the Stone Roses. Now in technicolor!

Minute one[edit]

Da dum de dum dish. Bass line. Guitar riff. Monkey man sings. Monkey Cheeeeeeeeese. Monkey on a motorbike. Hehehehe.

Minute two[edit]

Bum tish, bass line. Guitar riff. Riff. And again. Must... maintain...concentration.... nnnnnghgh...

Minute three[edit]

More of the same. I think I see gold.... Gold chocolate bars! Mmm. Better than Penguins but not as good as Trios. I think I heard Squire make a mistake.

Minute four[edit]

Bass line changes! Singing stops for a bit. Woohoo! Guitar solo.

Minute five[edit]

Psychedelic guitar riffs. More riffin'.

Minute six[edit]

What? Oh er yeah. Nothing much. I wouldn't care if I found gold now. That reminds me, must buy some Kerry Gold butter from the supermarket.

Minute eight[edit]

Drum solo. Some bass licks. Sorry about that, I dunno what happened to minute seven. I just lost a minute of my life. This sucks.

Minute nine[edit]

This will surely end soon. Buff duff ba dum. Damn, wish I'd reviewed the single version instead of the blasted longer vinyl version. Mnnmnmnmnmnmn. Where's the aspirin.

Minute ten[edit]

Oh crud, my mp3 player has run out of batteries. Oh well, can't be bothered buying some more just now.

Thus ends this review[edit]

Well I'm sorry I never made it all the way through but I thought nine and a half minutes was good enough for an article nobody will read. Despite all the nonsense I thought it was good. And that has nothing to do with the fact a bunch of baggies have me at knifepoint. Uh oh, I never said that...

Coming next... Stairway to Heaven, extended live version!