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AdBlock is like a stop sign on your browser, if stop signs worked in the way AdBlock does.

AdBlock is a browser add-on designed to stop those pesky advertisements from popping up all over the place while on the Internet. It was developed by two friends who decided to combine their creativity and intelligence to make your Aunt Linda's Farmville experience a little bit more bearable.

Has This Ever Happened to You?[edit]


With AdBlock, that becomes...[edit]


How It Works[edit]

It gets rid of ads.

When To Use AdBlock[edit]

All the time.


Critics of AdBlock say that it is causing the Internet to shift into more services being offered on a subscription basis, as the blocking of ads makes ad-revenue a less feasible way of making a profit from a website. Therefore, many encourage users to turn off AdBlock when using sites they enjoy and want to continue being free. Unfortunately, many users don't do this, as they consider the annoyance of ads more important. Still, most agree that AdBlock is a generally bad thing for music. NOTHING.

I'm a Hypocrite[edit]