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a i d e p o c i g o l l i[edit]

Aidepocigolli is a word that rhymes with broccoli (its not a vegetable). It's a friggin word. Nothing much honestly. Aidepocigolli is a very weird word (weird=illogical) and can make you go say 'awhebdafgvhjejdhhdabwj' if you can't pronounce it. Yes, I'm not kidding I did that too.

p r o n u n c i a t i o n[edit]


A c t u a l l y T e l l U s W h a t 'A i d e p o c i g o l l i' I s[edit]

idk man, maybe wait for someone to tell you what Aidepocigolli is... I just 'akhfabcnbdjak' and found out the word exists.