An honourable poem

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Auntie Black,

Finds out that she has less than nine lives.

Auntie Smack,

Releases that she actually is human.

While Auntie Jack,

...hey wait -- that's a man's name!

And me?

I'm sitting here, enjoying the fake sunshine,

It makes me sleepy, that dash of red.

And all the people who are named Jim Little,

Look up in shame when they pee.

There is nothing to be ashamed about -- Śūnyatā demands it!

Lift up your skirt -- only if your name is Mike,

Still, some skirts lifted.

And why does Frank Zappa hum in the background during "Bobby Brown Goes Down"?

Why the fuck do you care?

Why do apples not fly? Why do cows moo? Why? What? Что? Зачем? Почему?

WHY REASON -- is the answer?

No atom could ever speak, it just does.

It has no leader, nor a subordinate. Bias is the spirit of humanity.

And this poem -- is not honourable at all. It just is. Ура всем.