Are You Offended Yet?

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Are You Offended Yet? is a popular game show where contestants from different ethnic and religious backgrounds compete to see who can last the longest without attacking the host or the other contestants.

The prize for winning a game is 25,000 dollars with a bonus if you can withstand our bonus round, where the host goes so below the belt, he might possibly be licking your toes.

After every round (where all three contestants have been offended, the crowd shouts, "Are You Offended Yet?" in unison.

Here is an excerpt from a recent episode.

Host: Now we have our three contestants Jamaal Wilkins; a black man, Robert Goldstein; a Jew, and Cho Lin; a Chinaman. Are you ready to get offended?
Crowd and Contestants: YEAH!!!
Host: First round. Jamaal; you're first. I have some chicken for you; you want it?
Jamaal: No thank you, sir.
Host: Good job, good job. Robert; you're next. You have a big nose.
Robert: Sir, I don't believe in violence.
Host: Not yet you don't, hehe... Cho, you look like Jackie Chan.
Cho: You piece of shit!!!
Cho attempts to kill the Host
Host: So after one round, Cho has already been eliminated. We're back to Jamaal. Jamaal, I went down to the county jail and I saw someone that looked like your brother.
Jamaal: Man, my brother is in jail. It's not my fault, though.
Host: Well played, well played. Robert, Jesus existed.
Robert: That's what you believe.
Host: Ugh... I thought that would get you.
Host: Round three everyone, and Jamaal and Robert are still left. Jamaal, when you were a kid, did you play catch with your dad? WAIT! HE WASN'T THERE!
Jamaal: Yeah, he wasn't. And that made me stronger.
Host: Are you sure you don't want me dead?
Jamaal: Yes.
Host: Okay, Robert, the Holocaust never happened.
Robert: You sick son of a bitch.
Host: Are you gonna fight me?
Robert: No.
Host: You sure? Heil, Hitler.
Robert attempted to murder the Host but was unsuccessful because he's Jewish.
Host: Now it's time for the bonus round. I will say 5 offensive things and if you don't kick the shit out of me, you win one million dollars.
Jamaal: Okay.
Host: Unfortunately for you, there is no Popeyes within ten miles.
Jamaal: I'm vegetarian.
Host: Did you know that I've had a 5-way as many times as one of your family members graduated from college?
Jamaal: So you've never had a 5-way.
Host: When do you get your welfare checks again?
Jamaal: I'm not on welfare.
Host: Can you hook me up with some drugs, you people always have them.
Jamaal: I've been clean for five years, sir.
Host: Last one; what was the last thing you stole?
Jamaal: You're daughter's virginity.
Host: You nig-

So that's just a taste of Are You Offended Yet?

Check it out on Wednesdays on FOX.