Arikitus diplodoma

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Arikitus diplodoma is a bizarre and unlikely oddity to come out of the meteoroids that fell to earth some 50 million years ago and it is a highly infectious disease.


You sweat blood and believe that user pages are everywhere including under your scrotum, your van and your statue of a Arikitus diplodoma. Protect your family at all cost by crushing up some mcvities digestives and sprinkling them in your bath.


Do not look at user pages ever again or this may cause a severe brain to brain reaction where your brain crashes into another causing the great wall of china to collapse. Do not ever again look at yourself in the mirror or this will cause the mirror to become you.


Doctor: sorry m8 but you got Arikitus diplodoma.

Persun: Oh noes, wussat?

Doctor: A very rare but deadly scourge of mankind.
Persun: Oh noes, wussat?
Doctor: Arikitus diplodoma
Persun: Oh noes, wussat?
Doctor: Arikitus diplodoma
Doctor: Arikitus diplodoma
Doctor: Arikitus diplodoma
Persun: Oh noes so, like how long do I have left?
Doctor: A whole life of being kicked in the back by a large rhinoceros I should think mister... er... Persun if that is yer real name.
Persun: Oh noes?! I could, like get out ma gun and shoot it couldn't i?
Doctor: You might be able to, yes but...
Persun: With ma' g-g-gun?
Doctor: Well, yes but...
Persun: I can get to use my big gun?
Doctor: Well, yes but I think its wise to...
Persun: Thankyew doctor *leaves room*



Doc: I think I might retire some day.