In the hospital (after being set on fire)

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Doctor: We have a sick patient. He's been lit on fire.

Nurse: Where is he?

Doctor: In my pocket.

The doctor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a splinter of wood.

Nurse: What's thaT?

Doctor: The patient.

Nurse: It looks like a burnt popsical stick.

Doctor: Oh, that's because it is.

*Ambient jamaican music plays in the background*

Nurse: What music is this?

Doctor: Lovely, isn't it? Let's take off our clothes.

Nurse: I'm naked already.

Doctor: No! You're wearing clothes.

Nurse: No, my skin has a deformity that is shaped like clothes.

*Window breaks*

Doct:R: the window broke. Also, my name was just mispelled.

Nurse: It doesnt matter. Nobody's gonna read this anyway. Apart from those who have been set on fire.

And ended up in the hospital.