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A typical Windows 95.
A typical Windows XP.

You will surrender your will to the empire. We make money out of your computing habits, mortal!

Mortal! Surrender your will to the almighty Windows Vista! It's slow, it's insecure, but damn it makes us a lot of money!

Yes, mortal. You cannot escape our wrath! When you download Linux, you're downloading something decent communism, plain and simple!

Update![edit | edit source]

Aha! You may have dodged Windows Vista you silly mortal, but there's no stopping The Windows, Seven! It's as crappy as ever, but you will be forced into submission, because we will stop supporting Windows XP with updates in 2014! Aha!

And Linux, no matter how cool 10.04 may be, is still C☭mmunist!

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Actual versions of Microsoft Windows
Windows nazi.jpg

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Windows nazi.jpg
Windows nazi.jpg

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Windows nazi.jpg