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Can't you just see the evil inside?

Ashi is my cat. He is probably the cutest cat you will ever set your eyes on. Ever. However, he has a talent for mauling my dog and running his claws so deep into my arm that blood comes out. In other words, he is EVIL. I know he's cute, but that doesn't make a difference. He is evil! Really, really evil! Like, supervillain evil! I bet if he tried to take over the world, not even Superman could stop him. And considering no villain has ever beaten Superman, that's saying something!

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ashi is the color of ash, which comes from his hobby of trying to-


What? Who are you?

I'm your reader!

You are? Then what are you doing here?

Reading your article!

No you're not, you're vandalising it!

I'm actually not, and by the way, it's not beautiful - it's actually full of vanity.


Vanity's not allowed.

Oh, amazing. And why should you care?

Because I'm an admin, and I'll block you.

Look, just leave, ok? I'll get on with my article and you can get on whatever you're doing.

Why should I?

Because I'll shoot you, with my gun!

You have no gun!

Wanna bet?

Er... no thanks.

Too late!


Blood Spatter.jpg

Ha ha ha... I'll get Ashi to eat your dead body. Sucked in.

Moral[edit | edit source]

Never trust me. Or Ashi - especially Ashi. Or anybody, for that matter.

Now go play with your cat, ashia.