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Asian Child Labour is a British political party. They broke off from the main labour group during the inter-war period as to better advocate their tough stance on Asian Child rights. Labour at first didn't notice the two Asian MPs had left until later that day when a party member searching for a Biro found the office supply cupboard trashed and empty. The Labour party soon vowed vengeance for the destruction of their coffee mugs, though this was met with swift opposition from the Conservative party, while the Lib Dems declared that if they got into power they'd introduce legislation to make coffee mug destruction much fairer, and better for the economy.

Despite its attractive name the group hasn't been met with much success throughout its 76 year tenure; their greatest achievement coming when a successful 1984 campaign managed to get "herro" into the Oxford dictionary, in what the party chairman later described as a "gweat day for porritics". Despite consistently receiving less than 0.3% of the vote the Asian Child Labour party have fiercely maintained a large underground following. Unfortunately for them and much to the anger of the RSPCA, moles and earthworms are unable to make an impact in voter opinion polls.

Notable Policies[edit]

  • Replacing all health care institutions with herbal remedy kiosks.
    • This is following a reduction in import tax on Tiger penis.
  • An immediate amnesty on l's and r's, effective nationwide.
  • ...we love economy long time?
  • British Engrish