Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder is a developmental disorder in the- HEY MONKEYS!- brain caused during the years of childhood. It results in forgetfulness, distractability, forgetfuness and often hyperactivity. It might also result in forgetfulness.

Living With ADD[edit | edit source]

The cause of Attention Deficit Disorder is unknown, though there appears to be a relation between kids who receive constant mental stimulation from things like television or video games and those who suffer. Video games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Halo 3. These games are REALLY fun and keep a child or teen's brain active for long periods of time, which can result in boredom with regular daily activities.

One look and it's clear to see what is so addicting about these games. GTA is one of those games where you can literally run around an entire city and pretty much do whatever you want, like shoot people, hijack their cars, bang prostitutes, and even fly helicopters into buildings and lakes! It's pretty sweet. Halo 3 is awesome too, cause you get to grab guns and run around the level and shoot people or beat them up with a brutal melee by hitting the B button on your Xbox 360 controller. When you hit the guy it makes this vicious sound, like, 'CRUNCH!' It's frickin sweet dude.

Television is probably a contributing factor of ADD too, cause kids can sit there for hours without moving. One time I watched a Gilligan's Island marathon, I'm not even really sure why cause I barely like the show, but it was pretty cool cause like 3 hours into it they started showing color episodes, and that was kinda mind-blowing. That Ginger is actually pretty hot, but Mariann has this cute thing about her too.

Big Text[edit | edit source]

Isn't it sweet how I put equal signs around text I'm writing and it gets all big? Check this out:

HELP I'M DYING[edit | edit source]

Hahahahahaha, bet you thought I was in trouble! No it's cool, I'm still here in full perfect health. Thanks for asking though!

Check out this website[edit | edit source]

Oh dude I found this totally awesome site. is this sweet website that keeps you busy when you get bored, which is something that happens to me a lot lol. I'm not really sure why, the doctor said I have this disorder but I forgot what it was called. Disorder. Disorder. That's a pretty fun word to type. Disorder. Just kinda flows off the fingertips. Disorder disorder disorder disorder LOL!

Awesome story![edit | edit source]

Oh dude I was on my way to work today and I started watching this guy driving alongside me cause, well, there was really nothing interesting going on in the road in front of me. Anyways he was drinking coffee or something, it mighta been beer I donnow LOL but anyways oh speaking of beer my friend got really drunk this one time and he jumped off the second-story porch at his parents' house! Long story short though I have a porch too but it's not on the second story LOL

Cool video[edit | edit source]

Hahaha there's this cool video I saw you gotta check it out go to this link for this funny ass vid of these guys with these hoods on, it's pretty funny, I donnow what happens next cause I didn't get very far into it before this pop-up came up, it had this pretty sweet deal on video games so I had to check the website out and sure enough, buy 3 games and get the 4th one free! How awesome is that?! I bought Halo 3, Tekken 5 for PS3 (which I don't even have LOL) and then I think that's it, I don't even really know why I bought those two in the first place.

Paper Airplanes Rule[edit | edit source]

My printer sucks so it just spits out blank pages haha so I started to learn how to fold them up and fly them at my parents downstairs, they annoy me sometimes so I do my best to hit them in the head and I can't but I'm getting better. I'm getting better at lots of stuff, that's what the doctor says anyways. I'm not even really sure why I go see him, he gives me these pills but I've never been able to swallow pills so I just sell them at school and that's like my job LOL my doctor thinks I take them so he gives me gold stars but I don't need them, my mom always said I'm a star so that's ok.

Hahahahaha[edit | edit source]

Oh man my friend just sent me this link to this joke website that says it's giving you a virus and that it's taking all the data from your computer but it's obviously fake cause it wouldn't be playing awesome techno music if it really was I know this cause I read it on