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U assume taht I am typing right because I am typing '[blinlfy. WHEEE!

I ma biland becasuse of my hiar.

pie =[edit | edit source]

I'm still ttping nlindly. Oh, crap there's a classical song playing - AAAAAAGH, headache.

huh, what do you know.[edit | edit source]

I only opened me eyes once to type this! do I type so accurately? O mean, I've gpt ,y eues closed. Oh, crap, IMOGEN HEAP RIN. I am still stuping wityh eyes cio,lsed, I connaogtyn see what is going dfon which is rea;ll;y styill. I wopuld likr tyo stop, hbut I canj't.

"O never jbew rgar U was vjach vyvyj bt bsbs rujd bek Usbkr rgar yvrwewsryvf> Urgubj urod iretty vviik; *5ay."

-Stevie Wonder