Boredom: A Story

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  • If there's gold in those hills just look above,
  • And peace is a falcon as well as a dove,
  • Could be that three plus three is seven,
  • Or that hell is up, and down is heaven,
  • Maybe I'm just looking too much into this
  • You can't be logical, call it hers or his
  • When I'm bored I write a poem
  • It's a better way to know 'em
  • Than to spend time conversing over tea
  • Ooh, it's be me!
  • Ooh, surely me!
  • Now it's watching three episodes on TV
  • Surely me!
  • Two or three or four confessions
  • When there's light there is digression
  • And boredom is the friend of all humanity
  • Oh the hue-manatee!
  • Let's not be beating 'round the bush, while we cut up our own hair
  • And let's eat an apple, and orange or a pear
  • Would it that be?
  • Surely be me!
  • No it's not you... you see... it's me!
  • And a million times I said that thing again
  • While there's love and thoughts and minks and stoats and men
  • Can't be nothing, surely me!
  • But just reality
  • And boredom's the weakness of humanity
  • Ee ee!