Bring it on down

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Think you can take me?

Okay. (carries the boxes down the stairs and falls) Hey! Stop laughing at me, bumhug! What do you think you're doing? Oh yeah!? Well, step up, b**tch! (roundhouse kicks and trips over box) Goddamnit. Put more trout in the engine, then! I can't stop the blackouts. What!? You read Unclepeteopedia? Well, that's a doozy. I'm gonna kick your butt, bumhug!

You heard me. Bring it on down.

Yeah, but can you handle this? I don't think so! Hey, look, I'm gonna blank your userpage if you don't stop! Oh yeah, you don't think I can? Well, you don't know ANYTHING! Here, I'll prove it to yoU! Hahaaa! See, your userpage is all go--