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They have such fragile souls...

They are the most hostile creatures you will ever see. Kill one, it multiplies into 12039 more. The only way to kill a bubble is to scream loudly for fire hydrants. Other than that, assume you are already dead. Good luck, and have a nice day!

I just love, love, love bubbles![edit]

Ooh, are they cherry scented?



Mango, with a hint of guava?

Oh good grief, they've taken my fishing rod.

So, tell us more about your fishing rod...[edit]

Well, you see, it's a fairly flexible rod—

Does it make bubbles?

No, but I have installed a fairly sensitive radar—

Can it bring joy to the world?

No. I mean yes. Well, mainly for me, really, but this rod is especially good at—

I think what he means to say is, does it run on bubbles like that bike does?

You know, I kind of wish you'd pay more attention to my invention instead of hers—

Well folks, I think that's all the time we have for Inventions Day today on Good Morning Illogicopedia.

Fitting a bubble machine onto a bike isn't even an invention, you feckwits!

Extreme Privacy Invasion: Home Edition[edit]

Trying to fit yourself through the cat flap to walk in on people while they're taking a bubble bath is reaching completely new heights of stalker cred. If you need to deliver a parcel, though, that's a different matter entirely. Feel free to relish in the bubbly delight. Pom Pom wouldn't want to come — I think he's too busy with his 57 girlfriends.

Mind the zen garden, though. We're installing the mudbath there. Did I give away the surprise ending? Too bad this show doesn't have a plotline.

I went back to the bubble bath to pay my penance.