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Oh, its bumpkins eh? Wow.

I thought you meant pumpkins.

Fuzzy Bumpkins?[edit]

He's a menace. I kinda hope you have access to the hotline.

Dude. I said 'bumpkins'.

Oooooooh. For a moment there, I thought you meant 'lumpkins'.


And while I'm at it, can I just go over to the bumpworks to check on those bumpkins? Y'know, just to see if they're still harvesting glimmerbumps to power Bump Bitty City.

I have no idea where this whole bumpkins thing is going now...

Right. Bumpkins. I figured you meant 'berrykins'.


And right now I have an entire naval crusade onto me because I didn't initially ship Shumpy.

I also think I'm being locked inside a dungeon cage thing as Wishsy wasn't my first choice.

What'd you say?